Every year we tend to make resolutions. We dream that we will do and be so much more than we were in the year that’s ending. We want more in life. A new job, a better salary, a new girlfriend/boyfriend, a better home, a new career, make more money, travel more, meet the love of your life, to loose weight, to have a baby, to read more, to exercise more…  Usually we make a long long list, but how many things from the list we make happen? 1-2? None? Most of the items on this list are very general and so vague that in time we forget what we meant and therefore don’t care about making it happen or it’s difficult to make it happen (if it’d not a specific thing, it’s bound to be forgotten)
Well, for me it’s usually just a list that I make and then just forget about it. This year I want to make some resolutions and keep to this list and make it happen. For real this time. So here it is, my list of resolutions:
1. Take at least one hour a week to be creative and make diy stuff.
2. Cook more diverse recipes, learn new recipes, improvise more in the kitchen.
3. Take care of my body more – exercise every day and drink at least 1l of water daily
4. Wear makeup daily and clean my face thoroughly every evening.
5. Learn to sew.
6. Maintain order in the house every day, no matter how tired or bored I feel.
7. Have a daily to-do list and do it regardless of my mood.
8. Keep in touch daily with my family.
9. Cook at least twice a week with my partner.
10. Write daily something I feel thankful/grateful for.

And, last, but not least, make this list happen.

What are your resolutions for the new year? And did you accomplish last year’s?


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