It’s about me

Today I realized that somewhere along the last period I have forgotten about me. What do I mean? I mean that I was so caught in being worried about day to day things that I forgot to take care of me. I was so preocuppied with dealing with daily stuff and pleasing everybody around me, that I forgot something important. I forgot about me. I lost track of myself. I forgot to relax, to pamper myself, to enjoy myself.
But today I remembered and (re)decided to change that. I decided to take better care of myself and try to always impress myself no matter what I do and where I am. I mean, lately I’ve been kind of lazy in taking care of myself and doing stuff that I enjoy and that makes me feel good. The truth is I learned not to care about others’ opinion about me, but I had forgotten how good it feels to feel good in your own skin, to enjoy what you see in the mirror, to hear compliments and enjoy the looks others give you (especially other women). It feels great to know that you impress someone when they see you, but it’s even better the feeling of feeling good with yourself.
So, from now on, no more getting out of the house looking like a mess just because I didn’t have time to make myself look good. No more wasting time and being bored, when there’s so much stuff to do, so many things to learn and to enjoy. There are so many nail polish colors and shades of makeup to try, and so many recipes to learn and try,  and so many things that are waiting to be photographed and so many other things that are waiting to be made. And I want to impress myself every time I pass by a mirror or a glass door and feel confidend about myself no matter what I do.
So, Carpe diem! and smile and love yourself 😉


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