Have you?

Have you paid attention today?
Have you paid attention to the sun playing with the clouds (or fighting them), to the multitude of birds looking for fresh food, to the children in the street running, enjoying the time out in, to the sad look on the homelesses man face smocking (maybe) his last cigarette, to the disgusted look on the face of the old woman who just past you or the bed some homeless has made under some stairs just in your neborhood? Have you seen the spring coming? Have you notice how the clouds move and how they change color? Have you noticed the thoughts that passed your mind while you where strolling the streets this afternoon? Or the people you passed by? Have you noticed how you change day by day and yet you seem to stay the same? Or how everything around you changes everyday, bit by bit? Have you noticed how nature celebrates spring? Have you heard the songs the birds sing? Have you notice any of that? Anything at all? Have you?



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