I started searching (a while ago)… what I was searching for? I did not know. But I was searching. And I searched high and I searched low, wondering why I didn’t find what I was looking for. One day I stopped in my way. And decided what I was looking for didn’t exist for me. And I stayed in a city called Comfort and it all seemed ok.

Until one day I realized that it’s not really ok to stay in Comfort. It’s numbing. And it’s a rut. And it’s dull and uninteresting. And I want out.

I want to leave this town and go see the world. I wanna meet new people and discover new places. I want to try new things and take photos. I want to experience each day differently. At least for a while. I want to see breathtaking places and I want to meet cool people.

So I’m taking little steps and for now I’m learning about the mysteries of Myself and enjoying the incredible views it has.

So I board this train and we’ll see were it goes. We’ll see new landscapes and meet new Me’s.

For now that’s it… I’ll see you along the way. 😉